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We need a new trust-busting movement in America

Henry George was right then about opposing monopolies. He’s still right now. **** Like immense amoebas on the prowl, America’s already huge corporations are combining like nobody’s business. In recent months, Walgreens bought Rite Aid, uniting two of the nation’s three largest drugstore chains; in beerland, Molson Coors is buying Miller ; mega-health insurers Aetna and Anthem, respectively, bought […]

Economics: The Nobel prize goes to Angus Deaton

ANGUS DEATON has been named the winner of this year’s Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel. Mr Deaton is a Britain-born economist (Scotland, to be specific), who earned his PhD in economics at Cambridge University before moving to America; he is now at Princeton University. Mr Deaton is best known for […]

China shifts taxes to Land

Abstract: China just made a major move to change the way it taxes its people, and this will have a major impact on both its growth and sustainability. According to Canada’s The Globe and Mail:  “China [is] moving quickly to roll out property taxes nationwide”…

The Four Vampires of Capital

Abstract: Employers are laying off workers for want of working capital. What happened to all that capital? Think of it as the coursing bloodstream of economic life, a metaphor used by Francois Quesnay, 18th-Century physician and land-tax champion who also pioneered an early macro- economics…

Piketty Book Review

There’s something old and something new from Thomas Piketty. The “new” is The Economics of Inequality, a just-published book about our understanding of inequality. The “old” is the contents: It’s a revised version of Dr. Piketty’s book first published in 1997. To see if you want to put it on your reading list, check out Paul […]