Sanford Ikeda on Jane Jacobs‘ and Henry George’s Views of Progress and Poverty

Course Description:
In her book Economy of Cities, Jane Jacobs makes the claim that “poverty has no causes. Only prosperity has causes.” For Henry George, the path to prosperity is blocked by those who withhold natural resources from use. In this seminar, Sanford Ikeda contrasts the views of Jacobs and George on the nature of economic progress and the significance of urbanization in fostering economic development.

Sanford Ikeda is Professor of Economics and Coordinator of the Economics Program at Purchase College of the State University of New York and a Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at New York University. His articles have appeared in The Southern Economic Journal, The Review of Austrian Economics, and Environmental Politics, and he has contributed entries for The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (on Robert Moses) and for The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism (on Jane Jacobs). His current research focuses on the relation between cities, social cooperation, and entrepreneurial development. His column appears fortnightly on Freeman Online.

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