The City of Telosa – Creating a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

This exciting, new project was inspired by the writings of Henry George, the American Economist, best known for his seminal work, Progress and Poverty in which he advocates for an economy that fosters justice, sustainability, and shared prosperity for all.

Telosa was envisioned by the business entrepreneur and investor, Marc Lore, former President and CEO of Walmart eCommerce. Marc, along with his team and the Telosa Community Foundation, aim for Telosa to redefine nearly every aspect of urban living as we know it today and endeavors to serve as a template for future generations, worldwide.

Want to learn more about Telosa?

  • How are they going create Telosa?
  • What does the name Telosa mean?
  • Where will it be?
  • When will it be habitable?
  • Who can reside there?
  • What are the benefits of living there?
  • Who is designing it?
  • What about the carbon footprint? Is it climate friendly?

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VISIT often as this page (and the City of Telosa page) will be updated frequently to provide important updates on the project as well as news and events as this journey to the future unfolds.

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