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HGSSS Annual Conference 2024

Mon | 7/22
10:00AM to 4:00PM ET

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Past Seminars

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Automation, AI and ChatGPT – How will Labor be Affected?

Modern Money & Public Policy – Should we worry about the Federal Deficit?

Monopoly! The Real Story Behind America’s Most Popular Game

Cryptocurrencies: Computing Foundations, Risks and Socioeconomic Impacts

Housing in New York City – What it takes to tackle the Affordability Crisis

Congestion Pricing is Coming to New York City – Is it Fair? Can it Work?

In Quest of a Multipolar World Order- With Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar

Land Value Tax Breakthrough in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

When Workingmen Shook the World – the 1886 NYC Mayor’s Race

A Hard Look at Rent and Rent Seeking with Michael Hudson & Pepe Escobar

Inequalities and the Progressive Era – Breakthroughs and Legacies

Economy and Society in Post-Socialist Realm

The Green New Deal – What is it and How do we Pay for it?

Behemoth: Amazon’s Unbreakable Dominance of the Book Business

Rent Reform Meets Reality

Congestion Pricing is Coming to the City – Is it fair? Will it Work?

Debating Monetary Reform – A Hard Look at MMT

Amazon’s Retreat: Good for New York?

The Money System, Our Economy and You

After NAFTA: North America at a Crossroads

Rents, Public Policy, Economic Justice – Revisiting Henry George’s Legacy

Automation and Jobs: Why It’s Really Different This Time

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