Get ready to immerse yourself in a deep dive of ideas and insights at the Henry George School of Social Science’s highly anticipated second virtual Annual Conference on July 24, 2023!

Join our panels of experts in interactive discussions as we tackle one of America’s most pressing challenges: the housing affordability crisis.

  • How can we bridge the gap between housing costs and wages?
  • An analysis of past and current policies
  • What innovative approaches can we employ to ensure affordable housing for all?

All sessions will be held online via Zoom.

10:00 AM

Keynote Speaker
Josh Ryan-Collins

10:15 AM

Session 1 — Diagnosing the Root Causes of the Housing Problem


Mark Mollineaux

Josh Ryan-Collins

Angela Lee Stovall

Brad Lander

Discussant: Edward Dodson

2:00 PM

Session 2 — Evaluating Policy Responses


Lindsay Duvall

Ross Karp

Brendan Cheney

John Krinsky

Discussant: Ibrahima Dramé

4:30 PM

Session 3 — Rethinking Housing Policy – Alternative Pathways to Affordability


Rick Rybeck

Katelin Penner

Tom Rossman

Marty Rowland

Discussant: Stephen Taft


Brendan Cheney is the Director of Policy and Communications at the New York Housing Conference, a leading affordable housing advocacy nonprofit. Prior to working at NYHC, Cheney was an associate director at Gateway Housing NYC and a staff writer at POLITICO. Cheney received his BA in Political Science and Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and his Masters in Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, and has been working in policy, housing, and budget since.

Ed Dodson is a Senior Researcher and long-time faculty member of the Henry George School of Social Science. Since his retirement in 2005 from Fannie Mae, where he held various management and analyst positions in the Housing & Community Development group, he has lectured and taught courses at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Philadelphia. Beginning in the Fall of 2014 he joined the faculty of the Learning Is For Everyone program at Burlington County College in New Jersey. Ed is a graduate of Shippensburg and Temple Universities in Pennsylvania. Since 1997 he has directed the online education and research project called the School of Cooperative Individualism. He is author of the three-volume work, “The Discovery of First Principles” and is a contributor to several publications promoting the perspectives of Henry George.

Lindsay Duvall is senior organizer for housing advocacy for NLIHC. Her career focuses on emergency and affordable housing programs. She worked for eight years with NLIHC member Hudson River Housing where she was manager of advocacy and community engagement. Linday has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy from Portland State University.

Ross Karp is the Downstate Development Director for New York State Homes and Community Renewal. Prior to joining HCR, he was Director of the Supportive Housing Loan Program at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and holds a master’s in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

John Krinsky is a political science professor in New York who focuses on labor and community organizing. He specializes in urban politics, social movements, and the politics of work, welfare and labor. Additionally, he co-edits two journals, Metro-politics and Social Movement Studies, and helps coordinate the Politics and Protest Workshop at the CUNY Graduate Center. Krinsky is also a founding board member of the New York City Community Land Initiative.

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander was elected to serve as NYC’s budget watchdog and chief accountability officer on November 2nd, 2021. Mr. Lander’s background in community organizing and urban planning informs his work to make government work better for all New Yorkers. First elected to the City Council in 2009, he co-founded the Council’s Progressive Caucus and has a strong track record of partnering with community advocates to win transformative change for a more just and equitable city.

Mark Mollineaux is a passionate advocate for Georgism, an economic philosophy centered around land and resource taxation. As the host of the popular podcast “Georgist Perspectives,” Mark engages listeners with insightful discussions and interviews that explore the principles and potential of Georgist ideology. Through his podcast, he aims to challenge conventional economic thinking and inspire conversations about creating a more just and equitable society through the implementation of Georgist principles.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, and a second year student in the Master’s in Urban Planning program at Hunter College, Katelin Penner is currently an Assistant Analyst at the New York City Office of Management and Budget. Here, Penner is currently working on policy and financial analysis related to youth services and aging for the city’s budget.

Dr. Joshua Ryan-Collins is an economist and has been working at University College London since 2017. His research focuses on macroeconomic policy, housing and land and sustainable finance. He is also a council member of the Progressive Economy Forum, a group of distinguished economists advocating for better macroeconomic policy in the UK. Prior to this, Josh worked at NEF as a Senior Economist and head of the Finance program. He was also one of the founders of the Brixton Pound local currency. Josh has a Ph.D. in finance and economics from the University of Southampton Business School, a MA in Industrial relations from Warwick University Business School and a BA in Sociology from Warwick.

Tom Rossman is a historian and Senior Advisor for the Telosa Community Foundation. He has spent his career investigating how people around the world can think and interact more effectively, serving as as an institutional advisor and independent consultant.

Dr. Marty Rowland is a Senior Fellow at the Asset Leadership Network. Dr. Rowland is a faculty member at the Henry George School. He has published extensively on Georgist Economics and taught many courses at the School.

Rick Rybeck is an attorney with a master’s degree in real estate and urban development. Since 2009, Rybeck has directed Just Economics LLC, a consultancy that helps communities harmonize economic incentives with public policy objectives for affordable housing, job creation and sustainable development.

Angela Lee Stovall is a Research and Policy Manager at She began her work in eviction defense at New York Legal Assistance Group on the Queens-based team of the Tenants’ Rights Unit. Angela most recently held the position of Intervention Manager of the Source of Income Discrimination Unit at the New York City Commission on Human Rights. In 2022, she co-authored a research paper on the corporatization of New York real estate, available here.