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The HGSSS endeavors to foster a welcoming environment for all students (and guests) that attend our programs. We want our school community to feel safe and comfortable.

This Code of Conduct sets the standard of behavior that we expect, and it is the responsibility of all to follow the established rules.

  1. No harassment, bullying, no unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact
  2. No verbal or physical abuse, attacks or threats
  3. No use or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or controlled substances
  4. No weapons of any sort
  5. No tobacco, e-cigarettes or vaping
  6. No touching or moving of School owned equipment, appliances without authorization


  • Speak in civil, moderated tones, calmly and politely
  • Be respectful of other’s opinions. Do not hog all the talking time and be mindful of speaking time
  • Do not interrupt others when they are speaking. Avoid offensive and discourteous comment and personal
  • attacks.
  • Comply with the instructor’s directives
  • Keep the conversation focused on the topic of the course
  • Do not use the classroom as a forum or podium for questioning or debating the School’s policies


  • Students are expected to arrive on time for class. Latecomers may be denied admittance
  • Students may leave class early but must inform the instructor if they plan to do so
  • Any exceptions should be discussed with the instructor prior to class or during the break.


  • Notify the instructor of any planned absence ahead of time
  • It is the responsibility of the student to get missed assignments
  • Discuss with the instructor about missed quizzes or exams

Cell Phone and Devices

  • The classes are a no cell phone and device free zones and are to be set to the OFF setting.
  • Exceptions would be for instructor assigned or authorized internet searches/assignments


  • Violators of the School’s Code of Conduct will receive public or private warnings or both
  • Violations may lead to suspension or ban from participation in School activities

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