Housing Crisis in British Columbia

This post concerns the advanced efforts underway in British Columbia, Canada, in the City of Vancouver, a city with an affordable housing crisis more critical than that of San Francisco. A report will be made of the status of a 2018 city tax on empty homes, the EHT. Upon reading a February 2019 report that only 117 homes out of a total 17,900 rental units in the city converted to rental from vacant (on account of the law, thereby giving the journalist a reason to declare the law a bust), I was reminded that the home run king Babe Ruth led the American League in strikeouts five times. Also, a question is raised by a city councilor why not exempt some empty homes because they are legitimate second homes, where a spouse may stay to work on a novel every so often; which begs the question, is the government obligated to create income streams to people wealthy enough to own second homes?

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