Understanding the Chinese Model – State Capitalism or Market-Maoism?

Understanding the Chinese Model – State Capitalism or Market-Maoism?


Understanding the Chinese Model – State Capitalism or Market-Maoism?

As China experiments with its unique form of indigenous capitalism, it managed to pull 800 million people out of poverty in a record time while it maintained a strong economy despite the dire predictions of Western pundits. At the same time many of its counterparts in the West are facing very economically challenging times. In this interactive seminar Michael Bucher asks what’s driving China’s success story and what lessons the rest of the world can learn from one of the greatest social experiments of the century.

Instructor: Michael Bucher
Date: Friday November 15
Time : 6:30PM – 8:30PM

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    A link to join the online seminar will be provided via email before the start of the webinar.

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