The Green New Deal - What is it and How do we Pay for it?

The Green New Deal – What is it and How do we Pay for it?

The Green New Deal – What is it and How do we Par for it?

Join us for an interactive panel on the Green New Deal – the bold and radical plan to transform the American economy.

A radical plan to decarbonize our economy and address climate change commonly known as the New Green Deal is becoming a hot public policy issue in America. But questions as to what the Green New Deal really is, and whether we could afford it; do not always command easy answers and generally tend to arouse the most passionate controversies.

This panel of distinguished speakers will present three different takes on the Green New Deal and, ask whether it holds the potential for transitioning the US economy towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Tom Ballou, Senior Financial Analyst and faculty member of the Henry George School

Marty Rowland, PhD., Licensed Environmental/Civil Engineer, Scholar in tradition of Henry George and Elinor Ostrom, and Trustee at the Henry George School

James Keenan, Social Justice Advocate and co-founder of Abba Lerner-Hyman Minsky Political Economy Society

Moderator: Ibrahima Drame, Director of Education at the Henry George School
Date: Wednesday, January 15th
Time: 6:30PM -8:00PM

Registration fee: $5
Payment or proof of payment must be provided at event.

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