Basic Income Guarantee – Why it Would Work Better With a Land Tax

A widening wealth gap, a marginalized middle class
and growing concerns about robots and artificial
intelligence (AI) displacing millions of workers is
fueling intense debates on the adequacy of social
safety nets in advanced capitalist economies. These
concerns have only become more conspicuous in the
aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic; with mandatory
lockdowns and ensuing disruptions in labor markets.

The U.S. Has No (And Never Could Have A) Debt Crisis

There is total confusion on both sides of the aisle (or perhaps willful obscuration) about the reality of public credit and public debt, and the absence of a need to borrow any money for a supposed budget shortfall, as evidenced by an article published earlier this year in the New York Times (Baker and Tankersley 2023). The compromise to extend the Congressional bipartisan budget and debt talks until 2025 has not changed anything.