Biden’s spending plans could mean “a new world,” says Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz

Green stocks have got caught up in the tech sell-off. But it’s just a dip, as climate investing is set to power ahead under Biden, according to JPMorgan

Amsterdam bet its post-Covid recovery on ‘doughnut’ economics — more cities are now following suit

European coronavirus update and its implications

I have been watching the third wave make its way across Europe and reading the European press to get a sense of how bad it is. And it definitely looks like another lost quarter for Europe.

To Plug Budget Hole, San Francisco Should Look to the Past

Although its economy and therefore budget situation have brightened faster than expected since the worst of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the new American Rescue Act will actually wipe out most of its short-term deficit, like most American states and cities, San Francisco’s fiscal challenges are far from over.