Understanding Our Political Economy

The purpose of this course is to study fundamental economic principles and to apply them in solving today’s economic problems: poverty, wealth inequality, unemployment, the boom – bust cycle, high taxes, inflation, etc.

The textbook used is Henry George’s masterwork, Progress and Poverty. Though this book first appeared in 1879, it is fully applicable to today’s conditions since the principles with which it deals are both timeless and universal.

The instructor, Edward J. Dodson is retired financial sector executive and a long time faculty member of the Henry George School of Social Science.

 Students can watch the lectures and complete all the quizzes and assignments online at their own pace.

 The course is divided into 7 lessons listed below:

  1. The Rise of Economics
  2. Essential Elements of Political Economy
  3. The Natural Laws of Production and Distribution of Wealth 
  4. Money, Currency and Credit
  5. Rent Privatization and the Boom-Bust Cycle
  6. Holes in the Neo-classical Price Theory
  7. What to do when the Perfect is out of Reach