Well-known and widely respected economists, political scientists and social thinkers
examine Henry George’s philosophies in today’s society and economy


July 25, 2017
Smart Talk with Andrew Mazzone and Lindy Davies

Does land still matter in the 21st Century economy and can Henry George’s principles still be put to effective use today?

Andrew Mazzone and Lindy Davies insist the answer is “yes.” See how they believe a Georgist System could be put to work, and why it should appeal to lawmakers and citizens across a broad political spectrum.

Lindy Davies is the Program Director of the Henry George Institute and the Editor of the Georgist Journal. He has written and edited Georgist curricular materials for more than two decades. He is the author of The Alodia Scrapbook, editor of The Mason Gaffney Reader, and creator of the abridged edition of Henry George’s The Science of Political Economy.