Well-known and widely respected economists, political scientists and social thinkers
examine Henry George’s philosophies in today’s society and economy


June 11, 2015
Smart Talk with Andrew Mazzone and Alexandra W. Lough

In this Smart Talk video series, Andrew Mazzone and Dr. Alexandra W. Lough discuss the life and work of the American economist, Henry George, and his masterpiece, Progress and Poverty.

Dr. Alexandra (Alex) W. Lough holds a PhD in American History from Brandeis University where she completed a dissertation titled, “The Last Tax: Henry George and the Social Politics of Land Reform” (2013). While completing her dissertation, Alex worked as a teaching fellow and instructor in the History and University Writing Departments. Additionally, she worked as a graduate assistant at the Brandeis University Archives and Special Collections. Alex is currently the director of Henry George Birthplace, Archive & Historical Research Center in Philadelphia. She is currently writing a social biography of the single tax and can be reached by email at awlough@hgsss.org.