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October 14, 2016
Smart Talk: Interview with Dr. Paul Davidson

Join the Henry George School of Social Science in a challenging interview with one of today’s most esteemed post-Keynesian economists, who we consider to be the economist who has the greatest understanding of Post Keynesian Theory, and the economist who has been ‘right more often than most’.

Professor Paul Davidson is the Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Tennessee, editor of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, and author of the new work, Post Keynesian Theory and Policy.  Dr. Davidson offers his answer to the question about the meltdown of 2008: How could all of you smart guys have missed this?!!   He takes a critical look at what he calls the “fairy tale” fallacies of current U.S. economics and the perils of hands-off government policies that allowed the markets to spin out of control.