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February 7, 2017
Dr. Jack Rasmus:  Financialization and the Marginalization of the American Worker

Dr. Jack Rasmus of St. Mary’s College in California is an author, journalist, and radio -TV commentator with strongly held views on how U.S. economic domination shaped the world after World War II and how today’s changing world in turn is reshaping the American economic scene.

It began as an economic worldview shaped by political elites in reaction to leftist populism, Dr. Rasmus says. Now it has begun to morph into policies shaped by the 2016 election results and today’s rising rightist populism. But will the change make a difference?

Dr. Rasmus teaches economics and politics at St, Mary’s College in California. He is also the author of many notable works including his newest, “Looting Greece, A New Financial Imperialism Emerges”.

A true Renaissance man, Jack Rasmus is also the owner and principal of Kyklos Productions LLC, producing plays, videos, music CDs and books.

In this episode of Smart Talk, Andrew Mazzone, President of the Henry George School of Social Science, looks at the themes in Dr. Rasmus’s works and what we can expect America’s economic future to look like.