Course 3: Innovative Structures and Business Models

In this course, we will look at why globalization, digitization and decentralization represent paradigm shifts that are changing our economic, social and political landscapes. We will also look at how innovation and creativity could empower us in tackling these new waves of challenges, be they institutional, political, economic or social.

Instructor: Mouna Mahouachi

Consultant Mouna Mahouachi (1) will be teaching the Entrepreneurship course at Henry George. She is sharing her knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation processes since 2014. Ms. Mahouachi started her career at Credit Suisse where she worked on digital transformation projects in both Zurich and New York. There, she practiced intrapreneurship and launched a corporate innovation program called the Creative Lab. She holds a Master’s degree from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) and has studied the Business Model Canvas at HEC Lausanne with its creator, Alexander Osterwalder. She is also an alumni of the Swiss CTI Entrepreneurship Course “Venture Challenge” and was mentored by Swiss entrepreneur and innovator Nadine Reichenthal. Mouna Mahouachi is now consulting on technology projects, including blockchain, Cloud and HPC and she is the author of an upcoming book about decentralized economies. (1) pronounced: [Moo-na Ma-wa-shee]

Location: 149 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016
Course is 5 sessions and has a $5 registration fee. Payment or proof of payment must be provided at first session.


  • Introduction
  • Paradigm Shifts
    • Globalization
    • Digitization
    • Decentralization
  •  Financial Inclusion and Exclusion: current processes
  •  The Need for Sustainable, Inclusive, and Robust Models
    • Sustainability
    • Inclusiveness
    • Robustness
  •  Innovative Practical Solutions and Business Models
    • Lending Circles
    • Collaboration Circles
    • Tokens Economies
    • Business Creation through sponsorship
    • Land and Property
    • Monetary and Financial Alternatives