David Adler

David Adler is a Senior Advisor to XA Investments on Economics. As an economic analyst and author, he focuses on illiquidity and behavioral economics. David is the author of the monograph, “The New Economics of Liquidity and Financial Frictions,” published by the CFA Institute Research Foundation. Previously, he wrote the liquidity and asset-pricing literature review for the CFA Institute Research Foundation and was co-investigator of a research study of tax-aware practices among investment professionals. David is also the author of “Snap Judgment” (FT Press), which is about behavioral economics, and he is the co-editor of the anthology, “Understanding American Economic Decline” (Cambridge University Press).

David is a producer of the PBS NOVA documentary, “Mind Over Money,” which is about behavioral economics, as well as the documentary “America’s Crisis in Healthcare and Retirement,” which was also shown on PBS. He also participated in related educational and outreach efforts.

David’s recent work:

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