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February 7, 2017
A Blueprint for Progress, by Fred Harrison

Fred Harrison of Britain’s Land Research Trust sounded an early warning before the 2008 global economic meltdown. Now he sounds a warning that another economic crisis is on the way.

Part of the problem, says Mr. Harrison (echoing Henry George’s thinking), is that a large and unwieldy portion of each nation’s wealth goes to monopoly rents, benefiting the very few, when the money could be more usefully directed to investment that would aid the many.

“Our children and grandchildren are going to be worse off,” he says, and the world will turn less stable unless we revisit many of the economic issues explored by Henry George (and adopt many of the same proferred solutions).

In this episode of Smart Talk, Andrew Mazzone, president of the Henry George School of Social Science, explores Mr. Harrison’s latest assertions, and discusses the themes in several of his works, including his latest, Beyond Brexit: The Blueprint.