Episode 1: Dr. Gregory Clark discusses unequal societies

This is an interview with Dr. Gregory Clark, Distinguished Professor of Economics at UC-Davis, and a Visiting Professor in the Economic History Department at LSE.

Dr. Clark is an editor of the European Review of Economic History, chair of the steering committee of the All-UC Group in Economic History, and a Research Associate of the Center for Poverty Research at Davis.

Episode 2: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the decline of US economy

In this episode, Andrew Mazzone interviews Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and discusses the decline of the U.S. economy. Dr. Roberts talks about the “hubris and arrogance” in Washington, powerful private interest groups that run the country, the effects of off-shoring, and about the declining power of the United States and the dollar.

Episode 3: Debate on global economic issues with Yanis Varoufakis and Scott Baker

In this episode, Andrew Mazzone hosts a debate between Yanis Varoufakis and Scott Baker. Dr. Varoufakis is the former Greek Finance Minister and a current member of the Hellenic Parliament. Scott Baker is the President of Common Ground-NYC, and a blogger for the Huffington Post and Oped News. The two discuss the effects of the Bretton Woods Agreement, the post-World War II recovery, economic solutions to a rising China, and the dichotomy of open borders for finance but not humans.

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