Behemoth: Amazon's Unbreakable Dominance of the Book Business

Behemoth: Amazon’s Unbreakable Dominance of the Book Business

Join us on Friday, October 25th for a riveting live seminar event featuring Dr. Robin Gaster.
Amazon’s stunning rise from a garage-based operation to retail and technology colossus is by now well-known. Much less well known: Amazon is on the verge of dominating the entire American book industry – including publishing. This epic story and its wide-ranging implications will be explained by economist Robin Gaster October 25 at the next event in the Henry George School’s Public Seminar series.

Dr. Gaster is the President of Incumetrics, a Washington, D.C.-based economic and technology consulting firm whose clients have included the U.S. National Research Council, the U.S. Census Bureau, the European Commission, and the Brookings Institution.